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Department of Pharmacology


Prof. Ali Ahmad

Department of Pharmacology (HOD)

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Head of Pharmacology Department

Prof. Ali Ahmad is currently the Head of the Department, Pharmacology at Era Medical College, Lucknow. He completed his MBBS (1973) from Bihar University, followed by MD (1978) Patna University. He is a certified examiner for UG / PG exams for several universities, author of several research papers in national and international journals. He was appointed Chairperson of the Scientific Sessions at the 11th National Annual Conference of Society of Pharmacovigilance at N.M.C, Patna.

Under his able guidance, the Department of Pharmacology was approved as ADR – Monitoring Centre under PVPI of Central Government since 2014. Since then the department has been regularly reporting ADR every month. In 2016 the Department reported 116 ADRs for which they had also received Letter of Appreciation from the National Coordinating Centre of Pharmacovigilance Programme of India, Ghaziabad.

Prof. Ahmad has been serving as the Head of Department (Pharmacology) for the past six years. Prior to that, he worked as a Professor and Head of Department at RMCH & RC, Kanpur, Associate Professor at PMCH, Patna, Assistant Professor and Tutor, NMCH, Patna.

Academic Activities

The department of pharmacology is a paraclinical department engaged in teaching and training of MBBS and MD students. The department is actively involved in teaching & training students on CAL techniques clinically oriented newer drug delivery devices, analyzing and reporting ADRs, prescription auditing, drug interactions to make them rational prescribers of future. It has a well-equipped pharmacy lab, experimental lab, seminar cum library and a PG research lab for carrying out teaching training & research activities. We practice an integrated curriculum, allowing students to engage in relevant meaningful activities that can be connected to real life. We have also introduced OSPE & OSCE examination patterns for evaluating students. The department also has a pharmacovigilance unit which is registered as an AMC under PvPi 2010 since 2014. IPC has also appointed a PS-Pharmacovigilance associate to carry out ADR reporting and sensitization programmes for clinicians/nurse & interns.

Research Activities

The department is diligently attributing in latest areas of research in the field of Neuropharmacology, Dermatopharmacology, Cardio-Metabolic Disorder, Herbal Drugs, Pharmacoeconomics studies and Drug Utilization studies. The department has also a CPCSEA registered Central animal house which caters to academic & research projects. The UG/PG students under the guidance of enthusiastic faculty members have presented their research work in various national/international conferences & have received appreciation and awards. Our students regularly carry out STS research projects under the guidance of dedicated faculty members. Various intramural research projects are also being conducted by faculty members.


Completed Project
  1. Intramural Projects: A Study of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Thymoquinone in Experimental Model of Subchronic Inflammation.
  2. Extramural Projects: A study of SLC22A1 polymorphism in patients of type 2 Diabetes mellitus in North Indian population.
Ongoing projects
  1. Intramural Projects: Comparative clinical evaluation of efficacy and safety of methotrexate and pioglitazone and their combination therapy in patients with moderate to severe chronic plaque-type psoriasis: A Randomized, open-label, active-controlled clinical trial.
  2. Intramural STS Projects: A retrospective study of Antimicrobial drug prescribing pattern for community-acquired pneumonia.
  1. Dr. Karan Srivastava: Won 3rd prize in Oral Presentation at ONCO-3 National CME and RT-PCR workshop held at Era's Lucknow Medical College, Era's University. Lucknow on 6-7th March 2017. Title A study on the Neuroprotective roles of Simvastatin in Mice.
  2. Dr. Sukhpreet Singh: Won 1st prize in a poster presentation at National Seminar on Recent trends in Drug Development held at Amity University. Title various Pharmacovigilance systems in the world.
  3. Dr. Pooja Shukla: Awarded Gold Medal by the Governor Mr. Ram Naik on 11 the December 2014 for MD ( Pharmacology) for the year 2013.