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Information about common diseases

Our ENT OPD caters to a vast segment of ENT and Head and Neck problems with a heavy patient load. A problem commonly seen are patients with Discharging ear, Deafness, Vertigo, and Tinnitus. The patients of Nasal complaints like epistaxis, Blocked Nose, Nasal Discharge, and Anomie are also commonly seen. Patients with throat problems like hoarseness, respiratory distress, change in voice are also attending the ENT outdoor. Patients of cancer of head and neck region like C A Tongue, C A Tonsils, C A Hypopharynx, C A Larynx are also being treated in the Department. Diseases like CSOM (Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media), DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum), Nasal polyposis, Sinusitis and Tonsillitis, Adenoiditis etc are effectively managed and treated according to the latest guidelines laid down in the books with advanced technology & instruments.

Academic Activities

The ENT department of ERA's Lucknow Medical College is equipped with the modern state of the art facilities for the patient care. The postgraduate course was initiated in the year 2007 with one MS and one DLO seat. At present, there are 2 MS and 1 DLO seats. The modern teaching methods like audio visual aids have been incorporated for the benefit of undergraduate students and postgraduates alike. The MCI postgraduate curriculum has been implemented religiously to make the teaching exhaustive and intensive in the form or regular seminars, case presentations, journals clubs and cadaveric dissections for the postgraduate department to avoid inadvertent surgical complications and acquaint the students with the head and neck anatomy. The extramural programme for the training of the postgraduates at specialized centers outside the college is also an essential part of the curriculum and coordinated by the head of the department of ENT. The Temporal Bone Lab has been established in the department for PG training. The department is also involved in interdepartmental collaborative teaching with the department of anatomy, pathology, and radiology for postgraduate students.


In ENT OT all routine surgeries like micro ear surgery, micro laryngeal surgery, thyroid and other head neck surgeries and minimally invasive surgeries like FESS and endoscopic DCR are being performed regularly with best equipment like Karl Storz Sinuscopes (with camera and monitor) and Zeiss microscope. The department is actively engaged in the organization of free camps and CMEs from time to time for the benefit of poor non- affording patients and keeping the fraternity of doctors updated. The department has also participated in Telemedicine programme, sponsored and coordinated by ISRO, for the awareness and benefit of far-flung areas nationwide. While the teaching program is of utmost priority the department also offers several advanced diagnostic facilities to the patients like Audiometry, BERA screening in the high-risk neonates for deafness diagnostic endoscopies. The service of a speech therapist is also available for the patients of speech disorders. The department also has the latest facilities of LASER surgery, microdebrider, and flexible endoscopy.


Various research projects being carried out by the faculty are underway, while most of the articles have already been published in national and international journals. The department also plans to conduct a workshop, guest lectures of eminent national and international faculties as a part of academic activities to keep abreast with the recent advances in ENT.