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Master in Hospital Administration (MHA)

Students who pursue Master in Hospital Administration are provided with a solid background in healthcare administration. Students are taught how to face economic, social, ethical, political and legal challenges that are a part of hospital administration. The candidates who graduate with the specialization are capable of dealing with finance, marketing, and operations that are relevant to the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry has been expanding greatly, and specialized professionals like hospital administrators are in great demand.
The candidates who specialize in Master in Hospital Administration are employed in healthcare institutes. There are over 26,000 hospitals in India registered by the state and central governments that can offer career opportunities to the candidate with a two years MHA degree programme. Apart from the government sector, there are countless private hospitals and leading health organizations. There is a dire need for highly talented professionals who can handle hospital administration to assist in the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities.
  1. Hospital Administrators: Hospital Administrators ensure that all the services provided by their healthcare institution run smoothly and patients receive timely treatment. Hospital Administrators are also responsible for the recruitments of staff including doctors, interns, and nurses. In large hospitals, there may be multiple administrators in charge of specific departments.
  2. Medical and Health Service Management: Master in Hospital Administration have the opportunity to work as Medical and Health Service Managers who are involved in the planning, directing and coordinating of all the healthcare services provided by the organization to ensure timely and efficient delivery of all services.
  3. Healthcare Finance Manager: These professionals oversee the day to day financial activities of healthcare institutions and are responsible for budgeting, financial planning, and financial analysis. The job is highly dynamic and requires managers to be constantly updated with the latest insurance and health care financing regulations and options to allow efficient payment handling in the institution.
2 Years
  • Medical and Science graduate preferred (Medical Graduate include BDS/ BPT/ B.Sc. Nursing/ BAMS/ BUMS).

₹ 1,20,000/-
₹ 10,000/-